Right around the neck

Keeping others in check

Or as a garland on the shoulders

Set in starch around the contours

The big cotton printed Dupatta

Sometimes wrapped around the round head

As a shield from blistering heat so red

Inside a temple or a sacred holy place,

Serving modesty in grace

Or in front of grown elders

It becomes a respect helder

The big cotton printed Dupatta

Sometimes its thin mesh

Wraps the face’s fair flesh

Like a bandit hiding her face

Escaping her from any trace

Sometimes on the shoulders it slings

And turns up like wide wings

Soaring in the cool breeze

And giving a free flowing crease

For a bride, it turns as a Veil

A perfect topping to the fairy feel

Lending exclusive elegance and grace

Making her feel the best of

Sometimes I wonder, why women so old and new

Wear no Dupattas nowadays

Looking so incomplete

Like a sun without rays

As if they forgot something

While rushing for things

Revealing their vulnerable self unfurled

Towards the wicked world

Attracting wrong eyeballs

Creating a stir or a brawl

Making herself feel so small

For giving some wrong signals

Though some women feel

Managing this 2.5 yard fabric is a stress

Some give the excuse that it covers their designer dress

For me, it is a great chance

To move, walk and run freely

To be the way I am

Carefree, colorful and chirpy

Like a bird with her wings

Soaring in the sky

Singing a song

Of freedom, colors and choice

Yes it is my Dupatta



Never in my life,

I got a chance to quiet my thoughts

Never in my life,

I got a chance to be with myself

Never had I given my mind

A chance to peacefully contemplate

Never had I allowed it to

Breathe in calming silence

But when I gave it sometime to calm down

Through peaceful meditation

It began to act like a mental bully

Engulfed me powerfully into conversations?

Why you need meditation?

You are strong enough to meditate?

Don’t calm your brain

If you soothe it, I will flood it with endless thoughts

When I defied its commands

It continued threatening me every moment,

It denied slowing down

The super fast thought express

It counterattacked me,

That I am brilliant enough

But my soul knew

It needed time to unwind

It needed moments of thoughtful calm

With constant dedication, I conquered the bullied thoughts

I conquered the dark demons within me

I silenced the bullied chatter

I felt peace with my existence

When I entered into the meditative state

Old and Young…

Minolta DSC

In morning, he was reminiscing

The most cherished memories of life

The great olden days

Still alive in his life


The days of walking with all time friends

Towards the far away school

Plucking tangy tamarind pods from dense bushes

Relishing them heartily with mates


Welcoming showers of rain with excitement

Splashing puddles of water

Enjoying life a carefree way

Adding memories to life come what may


The antics, the pranks the wholesome fun

Those were the days when life was not on the run

The reprimands, punishments and scoldings of teachers

Brought the best out of him


Playing sports of all sorts

Hurting himself, then rising above all odds

Those were the golden days of his life

Finding their ways in memories revived


In noon, someone stepped on this earth

With his tiny feet and curled hands

That gleam in the eyes full of curiosity

Delivering joys to the present


Spreading happiness everywhere

A part of family now

Someone gave a new way to begin forthcoming year

Gave a new meaning to life this year


Now he will relive this childhood in a new way

A tinkling sunlight of this cold day

Someone will start a fresh life

And relive the dreams


That begins from childhood

Blossom into youth

And wither with the age

Henry Miller’s 12 Commandments for Writers

1. Work on one thing at a time until finished.

2. Start no more new books, add no more new material to “Black Spring.”

3. Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.

4. Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time!

5. When you can’t create you can work.

6. Cement a little every day, rather than add new fertilizers.

7. Keep human! See people, go places, drink if you feel like it.

8. Don’t be a draught-horse! Work with pleasure only.

9. Discard the Program when you feel like it—but go back to it next day.

10. Concentrate. Narrow down. Exclude.

11. Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing.

12. Write first and always. Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards.

Kerala – A Scenic Wonder of Nature

Wonder why people say that it’s “God’s own Country.” But after exploring the place, this phrase falls short of meaning, just because it has every ingredient to offer unique and memorable journey experience.

Kerala – it’s not just an inviting space for tourists, it is an experience. Just a single visit and it becomes an unforgettable part of your memories. Everything here is divine and different.

The authentic aroma of sweet cinnamon, cardamom and other spices add a distinct flavour to the air, enriching the mind; the ayurvedic therapies relax your body and the flawless fertility basks glow everywhere, even on your face.

A silver lining to Arabian Sea, everything in Kerala is divine. That is the reason why it is called as God’s Own Country.  A heavenly paradise, it offers pristine panaromic picturesque of numerous beaches, majestic mountains, fresh forestry along with blossoming bounties to relax, rejuvenate, recreate and relish natural treasures.

Gushing backwaters, sun-soaked beaches, exotic wildlife, wishful waterfalls, pristine scenery – the plush setting presents diverse colours of nature to you.

Offering everything for everyone, the space is always ready host to take into its arms those who want to unwind and relax while lazing around or be adventurous.

Not just limited to authentic ayurveda or natural bounty; the place also offers enriched cultural diversity. Surely, this is the reason why travel and tourism industry is thriving there.

I have been to Kerala once and according to my own experiences, the destination surpasses all touristic expectations with its divine natural endowments. I landed there because I had heard a lot about the beauty of the place. According to me, it is the emerald jewel of the paradise genuinely deserving the title of God’s own country.

I will definitely post some of the clicks and experiences of Kerala as the destination was out of the world experience for me and prompted me a lot in terms of experiences and emotions.

What If?

What if you wake up to a world without glasses? Will you bear the plight of the painful eyesight? Where you will pour your wine and proudly say cheers with your peers? Will you be exposed to the world with a visible void in your window frames?
Considering all such dearths of life, we can say that glasses play an important role in our lives. We simply can’t do without it. What will shield our computer screens and mobiles? Glasses only. Considering their multifarious uses, we can say that glass is one of the most essential inventions of the modern world.
The uses of this glittering particle are again versatile. It can be used as a glass wall, door. It will not only enhance the look and feel of the decor, but it can also give you an illusion that there is room ahead. The result will be a knock out. 🙂
The above example is an interpretation of the world without glass. What if prompts our minds and lets it dig deep into the perceptions, ideas, observations and experiences to create something original and classic. The prompt creates a situation of a void in our lives and lets us express our views in an uninhibited way.
So, what if the chicken kept on your cooking counter starts speaking? Will you be scared or will you have guts to talk to him. The possibilities are immense with ‘What If’ writing prompt. Do share your kind of ‘what if’ set of situations and prompts. Those situations which will inspire the writer in me will receive an interpretation from Prompted Writings.


My poem titled ‘Sympathy’ was published in an anthology ‘Inspired By Tagore.’ The contest was sponsored by British Council of India in association with Sampad was a tribute to Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore on his 150th birth anniversary. It was also my first publication in the life. I felt accomplished on this achievement and understood that all my efforts in writing are going in right direction. 🙂
Needless to say, I want a novel and a poetry book published, just because there are many stories in my heart and soul, waiting to be narrated.

Below is the poem. I own the exclusive rights for this poem…

If I were only a little puppy, not your baby
Would you say,”Come later, I am busy.”

Would you ignore me and my naughty antics?
Would you not brush my furs with your fingers?
When my eyes yearn

Would you say “Go away, Play with your toys.”
“Maid, take him away, I am working”
Would you not throw a ball at me, when I am excited to play?
Would you not be with me, till I lick the last drop of bowl?

Would you not comfort me with your soothing hug
Would you not feel how lost I am without you?

Now I will not come to you
I have stopped looking at you
I look at my world, which is with me, when I am alone

They are the ones whom I can call my own
My world has clown, toys, racing cars, games, books

I belong to my world, I belong to you none
Now you have no one to say, “Go naughty child”


I am not talking about a takeaway of your favourite pizza or burger that you enjoy to the core. I am trying to interpret the word as a larger part of life. What do we take away from life?  Is it money, wealth, relationships? Or there is more to what we derive from it.

We secure memories and cherish them for life. This can be one of the rich takeaways of life. Sometimes, even simple moments become special with surprises and remain with us for a lifetime. That is what can be termed as a takeaway.

Apart from the pleasant ones, there are some situations in a person’s life that are not so good to be remembered. Can they be termed a takeaway?

Personally, I think they are also a takeaway of life. We learn from such unwanted situations and make sure not to face any of such situations ever again. Such situations represent life’s practicality and teach us wherever we fall wrong.

So, even if you face conflicts or problems, happiness or gloom, remember that you are going to enjoy a takeaway of life, either in the form of a memory or a life’s lesson.

In my life of 28 years, I have had many of the takeaways, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Such instances nevertheless have made my life rich, developed my perspectives, helped me in understanding the world and provided me rich and unique material for writing.

Colour of Hunger

Last week, World Food Day was celebrated worldwide. Numerous social postings on the subject inspired me to imagine what if the world was hungry and had no food or grains to eat. How would be the reaction of this hungry world? To be more precise, what would be the colour of hunger?

After thinking for few minutes, I came up to a conclusion that colour of hunger is black. At least for me it is. I personally experience blackouts without food. I can’t imagine a situation where I am hungry for days and days. I need food, otherwise, I feel weak. If due to some limitations, I can’t eat, then food thoughts irritate me to the core. I think about food every moment, and wait for breaks to come, so that I can easily take a takeaway and eat aplenty.

This is applicable for those who can afford to buy food. But what about those who cannot buy food? Either they bear the plight of situation and reduce themselves to malnutrition. Or they resort to some other unwanted means to fulfill their hunger.

Here, the darkness of the hunger comes up where people enter the world of dark. The body starvation can even lead a person do all the dark deeds or commit a crime. Just for the sake of starving stomachs and its hollowness, we do just do anything to satisfy that hunger.

Have we become slaves to hunger that it can make us do anything in the world? To fulfill our appetites only, we do daily job and nurture our families. We bear the weights of monthly groceries. Just to secure ourselves that our families have enough food to eat.

And when we don’t have food, we sink into depression. A basic need, food is a part of our life that continues its role till we die. The importance of it has become as such where a three course meal is a part of our regular routines.

This has made most of us slaves to hunger. Whenever we feel hungry, we need to feed our hunger. Whatever, whenever it wants, it forces most of us to get food. That time, we are no different that animals. Just that they hunt food and we buy it. And if we can’t, we see the colour black, everywhere we see.

Prompted Writings – Historical Fiction

Kanika Sharma: Historical Fiction.

I wrote this story during the Duckbill Workshop on a writing prompt  -” A throws a ball at B. And B gets the throw wrong and as a result it crosses the wall. Continue from there”

Prince Kritya asked Karna, the minister’s son, to go with him on a mission to fetch back his beloved royal ball. Karna, who was afraid of climbing the wall covered with slimy tendrils of creepers came up with an excuse: ‘Rajkumar, I am not blessed with the mighty powers, courage and strength that you have. I haven’t even completed my archery lessons with Guru Bhasmacharya. I am an ordinary child with ordinary brains. But your highness, you are bestowed with exceptional powers that can come handy in fetching the ball.’

‘I know that Karna, but don’t you remember the orders of Maharaja Surajmal? He always insists that I shouldn’t be alone outside the Rajasi Mahal premises. Always under the continuous surveillance of a platoon of royal commanders, I feel like a tiger in a cage. I want to roar in the jungle, experience new adventures and find the goal of my life. And right now only you can help me complete the quest of bringing my royal ball back. Maharaja too trusts you, because you are his confidante’s son. It’s because of his trust in you that I get some freedom from royal surveillance when I play with you.’

‘But Rajkumar, I am not capable of climbing this wall full of creepers.’ Karna’s body trembled as he saw the wall, which looked to him like it was covered with snakes camouflaged in green, waiting to devour his soul with their hissing tongues. Please Rajkumar; let’s go back to our Rajmahal. We will get a better ball than this.’

‘No Karna, I will not go back to Rajasi Mahal without this ball, even if I have to climb a wall leading to the skies. I will not give up this chance to go on an adventurous quest.’

‘Rajkumar, because you want this, I will come with you, but if I feel scared at any point of time, please hold my hand. It will make me feel better.’

The prince started climbing the creepers first. In a few seconds, he reached close to the top of the wall. Though Karna had agreed to join this royal quest, he was still scared. With his eyes squeezed shut, he tried to reach out and hold the Prince’s hand. Kritya pulled Karna up and now they jumped down on the other side of the wall to find the royal ball.