Humorously Yours – From My Eyes

I have always been a fan of TVF’s content but never wrote about it in my blog. ‘Humorously Yours’ broke that ice for me and compelled me to write an honest review for the same. But why? Is it because the protagonist is a writer cum comedian who is willing to make a mark in a competitive industry? I think it is because I could see my struggles in his life.

A jobless individual, sitting at home, doing household chores, fighting inner demons of guilt, insecurities, lack of confidence – it feels like it is my story. I am also a dreamer who believes in the power of words. Though I am not a comedienne, but writing is my job and getting a novel or a screenplay selected for the larger audience is my dream. But the impediments are BIG in terms of writer’s block, lack of time, inability to focus, procrastination, etc. The protagonist’s struggles are REAL in every sense.

From just a comedy stand-up to a show on your name in the auditorium, Humorously Yours grows bigger and bigger with every episode. Our protagonist, Vipul Goyal is not a stud or superman, but man, when he is on stage, nothing can stop him. His content is good, and jokes are laugh-worthy, but somehow he is not getting a good break. Just like any creative person would feel, Vipul too takes us through his insecurities, nervousness and anxieties in the most relatable way.

Every episode takes us around his growth as a person. Sometimes, a pseudo-persona Ranjit Walia gives him the necessary confidence and rest of the time; his Beer-buddy Bhushi and professional wife Kavya are always for him.

‘Humorously Yours’ presents the drama behind comedy. Comedy is all around us. Just all we need is observational skills to notice it and give it our quirky and unique take. All the episodes in the series contribute to the narrative, but for me, episode 4th and 5th take the cake. In The Hangover-inspired episode where Vipul, Bhushi and Kenny Sebastian take on to Bangalore with their Masti Khor antics, and Bhushi’s epic stand-up are the attractions. In the same hangover, Vipul uploads his performance that becomes a VIRAL hit.

The next struggle of writing fresh content is a part of the ultimate evolution, Level-up. A chock-o-blocked comedian with no content and pressure of 30-day countdown for his maiden auditorium show – we all have seen it or felt it in one form or the other. As a creative writer, I felt for Vipul Goyal, the protagonist who wants to write content but couldn’t get any inspiration. I too go through such dry days, where I want to write, but the research and a lot of diversions hit the block.

I think next time, I will also steal away some time from loafing over the laptop and write in the company of my favourite notebook and pen.

The series ended on a promising note, where our star Vipul Goyal finally got a chance to perform in an auditorium. Here, I would like to mention, Baweja Uncle and the pack of old men – they are witty, conversational and a source of inspiration to our protagonist.

The most remembered part of the series is its ENDING, but I will not disclose it. Reason – I want you to see it and experience the bundle of overwhelming emotions on your own.

Thanks, TVF Qtiyapa for bringing slice-of-life situations and feel-good success stories in a funny and relatable way. In the end, kudos to Vipul for the courage to show it to the world that creative people are also normal humans with real struggles.

Watch the entire series Humorously Yours – TVF Play here