Feeling Fitness Blues Every Morning…


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My Tryst With Healthy Life

The first time I resisted a piece of a yummy looking creamy birthday cake was when my goal to lead a healthy life gained some more strength. There were many temptations in my ways. When the call to wish our colleague in the cafeteria reached its momentum, I was doubtful whether I could say ‘No’ every time when the cake slice was offered. Your colleagues might consider you picky, or nosy or both. People in the office would make fun of me and my dieting. Looking at people enjoying the yummy cake was a temptation strong enough to deviate even strongest of will-power holders. But something was certain for me this time. Certain to bring my health back on track. This goal was not to be dwindled by any temptations.

I had recently started following my dietician for being an overweight lady having hormonal issues. She gave me the plan, with the least hope that I could pull it off. But, I was so upset about my health issues that this time I wanted to bring a change and turn the weighing scale leftwards.

More than that, it was about practising a healthy lifestyle and experiencing it firsthand. While binging on junk food, elders in our family used to always talk good about the home cooked food, kitchen ingredients and the benefits. With all things natural, there was nothing to lose in this regimen, but a lot more to gain in terms of health.

So, when I saw the advertisement of Saffola’s #ApneTareekeSeHealthy campaign, I could relate to it on every level. Especially when a professional is offered a tempting pizza, and he opts for an apple fits best on me. I also love fruits and can live on 5-6 servings per day. There was a time when only my father used to cut fruits and I used to eat it without any fondness. But now, I take the initiative to take it out of the fridge, soak it in water to dissolve any pesticides and enjoy it with a soothing cup of green tea sans honey. This is my way to keep the mid-morning and evening snack healthy and nutritious.

Have a look at the advertisement:

Saffola masala oats are also my companion in pursuing my health goals. Team it up with salted curd and salad and here you go for a healthy and hearty lunch.

It’s not the wealth, but health that stays with you till you live. Your body, your soul, your nutrition – all should be healthy and fit to fulfil the daily functions effectively. I got my healthy awakening around 2 years back and now I am keeping myself fit and healthy.

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The Best Prompts for Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the ultimate expressions that fill the colours of originality and imagination to the piece of work. This expressive medium makes you look at things with a different perspective and gives the ideas an appealing metaphorical dimension.

But the flow of imaginations and ideas don’t come easily to a writer. He has to keep the eyes, ears and senses receptive of the new experiences. Now, this is something that is not assured every time. Sometimes, he might feel stumped and blank in the dearth of ideas and stare at the blank monitors or a plain sheet of paper with frustration. But a promising writer should not let this negativity overpower him; instead, find out solutions to cure the writer’s block.

The prompts for creative writing come up as a saviour in such situation. As their name suggests, these ideas prompt and inspire the writer with a fresh lease of life and help him find the momentum while running the pen on the piece of paper.

Now, you must be curious to know what these prompts are and how do they look like? A prompt can be an idea or a situation that inspires you to pour your heart. It instils the desire to write and express wholeheartedly. It encourages writers like you to find the inner voice and communicate your emotions, perceptions and ideas in the most precise way.

Designed to stimulate your imagination, these prompts offer a perfect warm up exercise for mind and help you cure a writer’s block. Every writing workshop in the world deals with the writing block and suggests the sure shot solution of prompts. The basic idea behind them is to ‘keep it going’. Let any negative energy not hinder you from writing.

Some essential creative writing prompts include describing the first experiences of life. First experiences of the classroom, travelling, date, kiss, bike ride etc remain etched in our minds and memories. These provide great prompt material to get your creative juices flowing. These vivid memories also provide an instant boost to write fictional stories or incidents in great detail.

The ‘what if’ set of prompts also inspire writers to shed their stumbled enthusiasm and makes them think out of the box. What if a beefed up chicken enters willingly in a butcher’s shop and asks him to slaughter his body is surely a fun incident to keep the pen flowing.

Writing about the festivals also acts as a great prompt material. There are endless memories and incidents associated with such festivals that allow us to write fresh observations that can surely act as a beginning to a new bestseller.

These best creative writing prompts pull the writers back to the flow of writing and regenerate their confidence in their craft. They even clear the roadblocks to writing by stimulating the mind to act upon such nurturing ideas. Just search the best creative writing prompt inspiring you and continue writing happily.
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Boss v/s Leader

Page of Contents where my name is mentioned
This story was published in Chicken Soup for Indian Entrepreneur’s Soul, edited and compiled by Raksha Bharadia.


“Last Diwali, as a ritual of exchanging greetings, on behalf of the entire office I placed a greeting card on the desk of our Managing Director.

Inside the card, I had written, “With all our hearts, we wish you Shubh Deepawali.May our association reap fruitful accolades and recognition. Thanks for being a wonderful boss.”

After a while, I received a call from him. It was my first attempt of sending a greeting to my boss, and I felt this summon a bit weird. But I stepped down the staircase and moved towards his cabin.

“May I come in Sir?”

“Yes, Kanika.”

As I entered the room, I noticed that he was keeping that card on his table top.

“Thank you, Kanika for your wishes. But I would like to correct you on something.”

I wondered what mistake I committed while writing the card. I was embarrassed at the prospect of finding some silly grammatical error that I may have made.

He took the card in his hands and drew a line on two words, “Wonderful Boss.” Then, he said, “I am not a wonderful boss. I am just a ‘Team Leader’ leading young brains like you, with so much potential and promise.”

He owned the firm, yet he thought of himself as a team leader, leading us, not commanding or ordering. During that conversation, a leader won the tug of war against the employer.

That was many years ago. Needless to say, I am still working in the same team!

© – Kanika Sharma

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Meet The Perfect Woman!

“Is perfect woman a myth, or a mystery, or both.’ In my thoughts, ‘perfection’ is a concoction of both that shrouds the minds of all. In this pursuit of perfection, some of us want a perfect husband, wife or mother-in-law. But when the reality hits us, the picture is totally different. Amid our high expectations of ‘perfection’, we miss out or deliberately ignore the attempts or efforts put in by the other person.

So much of gyaan around perfection, right! OK, let me introduce you to the perfect woman I know. Professionally, the world knows her as an award-winning advertising professional, but I know her as a woman who is balancing her ambitions and family. Meet Komal, my decade-old friend, who took the challenges of life in her stride and made the most of life.

Art is what inspires the talented creative professional in her. Ability to crack award-winning ad concepts is her passion and she excels in the same. But one thing that gives her immense satisfaction is her weighing scales going leftwards. Following a diet plan effectively during a day and losing weight is her added accomplishment. Her make-up comprises of a bindi, kajal and a lipstick.

But is it all that makes her a perfect woman. No! there is much more to her personality that makes her close to perfection in my eyes.

She got married nearly 2 years back to the person she loved in her workplace, and with all that came a lot of responsibilities, and now, as a younger daughter in law, she is fulfilling all her duties without fail.

Her day begins in the kitchen and ends in the same. But that doesn’t mean she spends the day in it too. After slogging whole day in the office, she comes back home, cooks the meal for her family, manages her nephew, tends her pregnant Bhabhi, and the list is endless.

Now, you must be feeling hers is just another story of a professional woman. How is she perfect in her life? Here comes my interpretation of perfection. She might be just another woman, but the fire in her makes her perfect for me.

While coming back from office, she never avoids going to vegetable market to source the best produce. And forget not! Even negotiate for the products and get a worthy deal. This is just a beginning. She is quite mature, understanding and cooperative in every sense.

So much I am influenced by her, that I feel she has left big shoes for me to fill post marriage. In fact, whenever I will feel down, I know I have Komal as my inspiration and my driving force up there on a next call, guiding me and helping me sort the mess in life.

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Will She Open Up Again?

She opened a blank notebook and envied the plain clarity of its pristine pages. Untouched by the grime of the world, the pages were ready to embark fresh beginnings in this intellectual world, unlike her. Something was holding Meera back as the notebook felt nervous sensations from her touch. It had been two weeks since Meera opened her favourite notebook to share her view of the world, her observations, her life in a day, etc. Last time, the upwards running sentence formations echoed her excitement about the prom night. And why not? She was visibly excited about her special moments with Mehul. Weeks before she started scouting markets to get that best dress for the evening. She wanted to look her best without any compromise.
Her last sentence was, “I am excited and nervous about spending time with Mehul. I like him a lot, but barely have the courage to share my feelings with him. But this time, I am not going to hold back my emotions and with all the courage, I am going to propose him. Let’s hope the answer is a Yes, because I don’t know what would my life be without him!
For two weeks, the notebook waited for Meera’s touch of excitement. She wanted Meera to share her first date with Mehul, her proposal, her special moments of prom night. For one week, she thought Meera must be busy with her boyfriend over late night Whatsapp chats. It was expected of a girl madly in love to devote her most hours in a day to the boy she loves. But in the middle of the second week, the notebook felt something is wrong with Meera. Obviously, the notebook and Meera have never been separated for more than a week. During her trips, the notebook was her leisure companion. Even during busy days, Meera continued her notebook ritual, even it was for five minutes. Once she opened the pure white pages, nothing could hold her back. It was Meera and her thoughts bleeding on the notebook’s page.
The notebook was curious to know about Meera’s story. Whether it was a YES or NO? Did that guy broke her heart and shattered her life? Or did something really grave happened at the prom night were the ponderings of the diary?
Even 10 minutes later, the notebook didn’t get an answer to all her assumptions. She picked her pen, rousing notebook’s feelings, but couldn’t write even a word. That roused the tensions even more. It felt like as if she held back her bottled-up emotions with her pen and she never wanted to share the hard feelings, even with her soul-mate diary.
Just then, the first drop of tear rolled from her left eye and touched the blank page’s surface, the diary knew Meera was in deep pain. The pain that’s better unsaid and unlived again on the paper. Now she has opened the notebook, but will she ever open up again? ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


If I had a Time Machine…


Time is such a unique phenomenon. It has spanned millenniums, generations, dynasties, families. And still it is unstoppable. That’s the beauty of time – it never stops. But if it gives me the power to travel in time, I would prefer to go back to past, since I am one of those who believe in ‘Old is Gold’ phenomenon. While choosing the time, I would prefer the much heard glorious time of my family, i.e. pre-partition India in West Punjab.
Both my paternal and maternal side was from that region. Since childhood, I have heard a lot about the life out there. Both my Nani and Dadi used to narrate about their heydays during my childhood. In fact, these were one of the best stories of my life. Their possession of gold in heavy quantities, social stature and wealthy lifestyle always made me think; what if I get to visit this location and unearth the crude realities faced my families.
Besides looking at their lavish lifestyle, my main quest would be to find out more about their existence by my own observation. Which otherwise would be impossible, since I would not be able to see my grandmothers and grandfathers in their youthful days.
Would I have befriended them, or gave them insights to leave the place safely, before the attackers come and forcefully take out all the family members out of newly built Pakistan in 1947. Who knows, I would have even helped those in need by taking necessary items like food, clothing, tents to help those in need.
I won’t say that my presence would change the course of history, but that journey in past would swrite over weekend badge.urely bring me closer to my roots.
Where would you travel, if given the power to go back in time? Share your views with me in the comments section.

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What If I Could Create A TV Show…

Of late, I have reduced a lot of my TV viewing. Thanks to the absurd storylines, silly Naagins and their revenge sagas, unending saas-bahu soaps, I have abandoned my daily dose of entertainment. To end this TV haphazard, I thought of few ideas. What if I could create a TV show that could fill the TV void? Would it be a melodrama fiction or comedy or a mix of both? NAH! People have already overused these fillers to cash in TRP business.

So, what’s the next big idea? As a curious mind, history has always fascinated me. Not just dull and boring narratives in black and white, but the vibrant, lavish and colourful lives of historical characters can be explored in a TV show. So, if ever I would create a story, it would be based on historical characters.

As Indians, we are blessed with a variety of historical characters. Their larger than life stories, battles, lavish lifestyle and amazing aura can make up for MISSING ingredient on TV show.

While making the show, I will make sure that the real essence of a story doesn’t fade under the shadow of grand sets, bejewelled characters.  More than a show, it would present the characters as real humans, and not the glorified history text-book characters. While saying so, I would focus on achieving a perfect mix of historical and realistic fiction.

The main idea behind this show would be not just to entertain, but also enrich the audience’s minds about our sheer wealth of history.

Even if it makes me a visual historian, I won’t mind. Just because,

One line can sum my aspirations of making a TV show –

“Itihaas ke Pannon Se Chitrapat Par, Sunehri Kahaaniyon ka Safar”

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Millennial Technocrats – Make Way For Apps

We are nearing the end of 2015 – the year that has played an instrumental role in experiential technology. The number of smartphone users in India is increasing at an exponential pace. Ready to be app-ified, such users look out for immersive experiences over this powerful device. We have seen the ‘Dubsmash’ mania, attracting innumerable celebrities and commoners with its sound-dubbed short selfie videos.

This app has involved users in its own unique way and paved the way for coolest apps of the season. Cashing on the millennial mania, app-developers are upping the ante with incredible mobile applications. Some of the awesome mobile applications are listed here:-

1. Bobble App – Wish to add a touch of uniqueness to your chatting experience. You may tap on Bobble App and create your own personalized stickers. Install the app, include your selfie, cartoon-ize it with embedded hand drawn technique and complete it with your quirky messaging. And voila! You have your own series of stickers to be used on social messengers. Next, try these amazing stickers while chatting and amaze your friend circle with your peculiarly app-tastic side.

2. Reverse Movie FX – Want to do a magic trick without being a magician? Try out Reverse Movie FX. This fantastic app lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! Just tap the app on your cool smartphone and record the video of someone walking, drinking orange juice, throwing a paper ball, or a bottle. Next, select that desired movie fragment and press START to reverse the video to enjoy a magic like illusion like paper ball coming back in your hands. Some might think it’s a magic trick you’ve mastered. But Shhhh! We won’t tell this to anybody. Must try if you wish to enjoy the real-time app-experience and gain an app-friendly status in your friend circle.

3. ShareIt – Wish to share the Gbs of data like images and movies in seconds, then you just have to install ShareIt on your mobile. The wonderful app works even without any network and connects two devices for fast and easy sharing. So now, no more time wasting on attaching heavy files on mail. Check out this app and enjoy easy sharing at a single tap.

These are just a few of some apps that I’ve tried in recent days and found them pretty impressive. Due to this app surge, many mobile phone makers are also trying to upgrade with next-gen device launches and enhance personalized app-experience. Some of the new-age technologies to look out for in 2016 are android M, 4G enabled, Octacore, 5 inch+ screens, gorilla glass etc. These are new technology additions that every millennial technocrat should look-out for before buying any smartphone device in months to come.

On behalf of mobile-friendly millennial population, I would like to request smart-phone manufacturer brands to make way for such immersive apps and take the user experience to great heights. Agree with my views! Do not forget to leave a comment on which other apps you love to use in your daily life.

Meter Down!

For a girl who uses auto every day in Delhi, it becomes fairly easy to identify when the meter speeds up more than the auto’s speed itself. Few days back, I hopped on to an auto with my sister for a mere 4 km route. To give my readers a background of Delhi auto service, hirers can get easy auto ferry for longer distances than the shorter ones. For around 20 mins, I kept on waiting for an auto. Finally after the customary wait, I stopped an auto who demanded Rs. 60 for 4 km distance. My sister, who always takes on-to such over-demanding autowallahs, argued with him to turn the Meter Down.
In Delhi, if you get an auto-rider who rightfully charges the passenger as per the meter fare, you are none less than LUCKY. Yes, when I say lucky, I know how tough it is to CONVINCE an autowallah to drive as per meter fare. Charging 10, 20, 30 + Rs every ferry is like their right against waiting during a traffic jam or travelling short-distances.
On this short-ride, we got that auto-wallah settle for ‘metered-fare’. Least did we know that soon we’ll be having a revelation. Not even a kilometer crossed and the meter started running faster than the auto to Rs. 35.
My sister observed this unjust-jump and raised her voice against this ruthless trick. If we were involved in our chats, and didn’t notice this in time, then we would’ve paid him the metered fare. But since NOW, we noticed this con, we told him that the meter was running at a faster pace. The solution – charge the decent amount OR come with us to a Police Station.
After hearing about the latter, the auto-wallah got baffled and tried to tweak the issue by asking us about the already-familiar route. As we were nearing our destination, we made sure to click the ‘Speedy Meter’ to justify the blog’s inspiration. Mere three kilometres charged us Rs. 54 which is way higher than the usual auto-tariff rate.

After we reached the location, we paid him Rs. 40 as ideally it would be, not Rs. 60.
It’s not that we will become rich by saving Rs. 15 balance. It’s all about the honesty and virtues these auto-wallahs miss out day by day.
They just overcharge; deny people to travel to some locations, leave them helpless at times and monetise the situation like rainy days in Delhi.
They don’t just realise that there are few girls and ladies spend a fair share of their salaries on autos. Girls like me hire an auto for a convenient, honest deal, not a CON-deal where ‘METER DOWN’ becomes another way to extract money from passengers. Your thoughts on Delhi Autowallahs. Share it in the comments below.