My Tryst With Healthy Life

The first time I resisted a piece of a yummy looking creamy birthday cake was when my goal to lead a healthy life gained some more strength. There were many temptations in my ways. When the call to wish our colleague in the cafeteria reached its momentum, I was doubtful whether I could say ‘No’ every time when the cake slice was offered. Your colleagues might consider you picky, or nosy or both. People in the office would make fun of me and my dieting. Looking at people enjoying the yummy cake was a temptation strong enough to deviate even strongest of will-power holders. But something was certain for me this time. Certain to bring my health back on track. This goal was not to be dwindled by any temptations.

I had recently started following my dietician for being an overweight lady having hormonal issues. She gave me the plan, with the least hope that I could pull it off. But, I was so upset about my health issues that this time I wanted to bring a change and turn the weighing scale leftwards.

More than that, it was about practising a healthy lifestyle and experiencing it firsthand. While binging on junk food, elders in our family used to always talk good about the home cooked food, kitchen ingredients and the benefits. With all things natural, there was nothing to lose in this regimen, but a lot more to gain in terms of health.

So, when I saw the advertisement of Saffola’s #ApneTareekeSeHealthy campaign, I could relate to it on every level. Especially when a professional is offered a tempting pizza, and he opts for an apple fits best on me. I also love fruits and can live on 5-6 servings per day. There was a time when only my father used to cut fruits and I used to eat it without any fondness. But now, I take the initiative to take it out of the fridge, soak it in water to dissolve any pesticides and enjoy it with a soothing cup of green tea sans honey. This is my way to keep the mid-morning and evening snack healthy and nutritious.

Have a look at the advertisement:

Saffola masala oats are also my companion in pursuing my health goals. Team it up with salted curd and salad and here you go for a healthy and hearty lunch.

It’s not the wealth, but health that stays with you till you live. Your body, your soul, your nutrition – all should be healthy and fit to fulfil the daily functions effectively. I got my healthy awakening around 2 years back and now I am keeping myself fit and healthy.

Needless to say, I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.