Boss v/s Leader

Page of Contents where my name is mentioned
This story was published in Chicken Soup for Indian Entrepreneur’s Soul, edited and compiled by Raksha Bharadia.


“Last Diwali, as a ritual of exchanging greetings, on behalf of the entire office I placed a greeting card on the desk of our Managing Director.

Inside the card, I had written, “With all our hearts, we wish you Shubh Deepawali.May our association reap fruitful accolades and recognition. Thanks for being a wonderful boss.”

After a while, I received a call from him. It was my first attempt of sending a greeting to my boss, and I felt this summon a bit weird. But I stepped down the staircase and moved towards his cabin.

“May I come in Sir?”

“Yes, Kanika.”

As I entered the room, I noticed that he was keeping that card on his table top.

“Thank you, Kanika for your wishes. But I would like to correct you on something.”

I wondered what mistake I committed while writing the card. I was embarrassed at the prospect of finding some silly grammatical error that I may have made.

He took the card in his hands and drew a line on two words, “Wonderful Boss.” Then, he said, “I am not a wonderful boss. I am just a ‘Team Leader’ leading young brains like you, with so much potential and promise.”

He owned the firm, yet he thought of himself as a team leader, leading us, not commanding or ordering. During that conversation, a leader won the tug of war against the employer.

That was many years ago. Needless to say, I am still working in the same team!

© – Kanika Sharma


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