What If I Could Create A TV Show…

Of late, I have reduced a lot of my TV viewing. Thanks to the absurd storylines, silly Naagins and their revenge sagas, unending saas-bahu soaps, I have abandoned my daily dose of entertainment. To end this TV haphazard, I thought of few ideas. What if I could create a TV show that could fill the TV void? Would it be a melodrama fiction or comedy or a mix of both? NAH! People have already overused these fillers to cash in TRP business.

So, what’s the next big idea? As a curious mind, history has always fascinated me. Not just dull and boring narratives in black and white, but the vibrant, lavish and colourful lives of historical characters can be explored in a TV show. So, if ever I would create a story, it would be based on historical characters.

As Indians, we are blessed with a variety of historical characters. Their larger than life stories, battles, lavish lifestyle and amazing aura can make up for MISSING ingredient on TV show.

While making the show, I will make sure that the real essence of a story doesn’t fade under the shadow of grand sets, bejewelled characters.  More than a show, it would present the characters as real humans, and not the glorified history text-book characters. While saying so, I would focus on achieving a perfect mix of historical and realistic fiction.

The main idea behind this show would be not just to entertain, but also enrich the audience’s minds about our sheer wealth of history.

Even if it makes me a visual historian, I won’t mind. Just because,

One line can sum my aspirations of making a TV show –

“Itihaas ke Pannon Se Chitrapat Par, Sunehri Kahaaniyon ka Safar”

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