Millennial Technocrats – Make Way For Apps

We are nearing the end of 2015 – the year that has played an instrumental role in experiential technology. The number of smartphone users in India is increasing at an exponential pace. Ready to be app-ified, such users look out for immersive experiences over this powerful device. We have seen the ‘Dubsmash’ mania, attracting innumerable celebrities and commoners with its sound-dubbed short selfie videos.

This app has involved users in its own unique way and paved the way for coolest apps of the season. Cashing on the millennial mania, app-developers are upping the ante with incredible mobile applications. Some of the awesome mobile applications are listed here:-

1. Bobble App – Wish to add a touch of uniqueness to your chatting experience. You may tap on Bobble App and create your own personalized stickers. Install the app, include your selfie, cartoon-ize it with embedded hand drawn technique and complete it with your quirky messaging. And voila! You have your own series of stickers to be used on social messengers. Next, try these amazing stickers while chatting and amaze your friend circle with your peculiarly app-tastic side.

2. Reverse Movie FX – Want to do a magic trick without being a magician? Try out Reverse Movie FX. This fantastic app lets you create a reverse video that looks like a magic trick! Just tap the app on your cool smartphone and record the video of someone walking, drinking orange juice, throwing a paper ball, or a bottle. Next, select that desired movie fragment and press START to reverse the video to enjoy a magic like illusion like paper ball coming back in your hands. Some might think it’s a magic trick you’ve mastered. But Shhhh! We won’t tell this to anybody. Must try if you wish to enjoy the real-time app-experience and gain an app-friendly status in your friend circle.

3. ShareIt – Wish to share the Gbs of data like images and movies in seconds, then you just have to install ShareIt on your mobile. The wonderful app works even without any network and connects two devices for fast and easy sharing. So now, no more time wasting on attaching heavy files on mail. Check out this app and enjoy easy sharing at a single tap.

These are just a few of some apps that I’ve tried in recent days and found them pretty impressive. Due to this app surge, many mobile phone makers are also trying to upgrade with next-gen device launches and enhance personalized app-experience. Some of the new-age technologies to look out for in 2016 are android M, 4G enabled, Octacore, 5 inch+ screens, gorilla glass etc. These are new technology additions that every millennial technocrat should look-out for before buying any smartphone device in months to come.

On behalf of mobile-friendly millennial population, I would like to request smart-phone manufacturer brands to make way for such immersive apps and take the user experience to great heights. Agree with my views! Do not forget to leave a comment on which other apps you love to use in your daily life.