Meter Down!

For a girl who uses auto every day in Delhi, it becomes fairly easy to identify when the meter speeds up more than the auto’s speed itself. Few days back, I hopped on to an auto with my sister for a mere 4 km route. To give my readers a background of Delhi auto service, hirers can get easy auto ferry for longer distances than the shorter ones. For around 20 mins, I kept on waiting for an auto. Finally after the customary wait, I stopped an auto who demanded Rs. 60 for 4 km distance. My sister, who always takes on-to such over-demanding autowallahs, argued with him to turn the Meter Down.
In Delhi, if you get an auto-rider who rightfully charges the passenger as per the meter fare, you are none less than LUCKY. Yes, when I say lucky, I know how tough it is to CONVINCE an autowallah to drive as per meter fare. Charging 10, 20, 30 + Rs every ferry is like their right against waiting during a traffic jam or travelling short-distances.
On this short-ride, we got that auto-wallah settle for ‘metered-fare’. Least did we know that soon we’ll be having a revelation. Not even a kilometer crossed and the meter started running faster than the auto to Rs. 35.
My sister observed this unjust-jump and raised her voice against this ruthless trick. If we were involved in our chats, and didn’t notice this in time, then we would’ve paid him the metered fare. But since NOW, we noticed this con, we told him that the meter was running at a faster pace. The solution – charge the decent amount OR come with us to a Police Station.
After hearing about the latter, the auto-wallah got baffled and tried to tweak the issue by asking us about the already-familiar route. As we were nearing our destination, we made sure to click the ‘Speedy Meter’ to justify the blog’s inspiration. Mere three kilometres charged us Rs. 54 which is way higher than the usual auto-tariff rate.

After we reached the location, we paid him Rs. 40 as ideally it would be, not Rs. 60.
It’s not that we will become rich by saving Rs. 15 balance. It’s all about the honesty and virtues these auto-wallahs miss out day by day.
They just overcharge; deny people to travel to some locations, leave them helpless at times and monetise the situation like rainy days in Delhi.
They don’t just realise that there are few girls and ladies spend a fair share of their salaries on autos. Girls like me hire an auto for a convenient, honest deal, not a CON-deal where ‘METER DOWN’ becomes another way to extract money from passengers. Your thoughts on Delhi Autowallahs. Share it in the comments below.