How Social Is Asus Zenfone2?

Brands are going gaga over social. Not because it is customary to be there, but the amount of creative freedom it offers is outstanding. Surely, the best time for brands to use the power of social and make it big in the growing markets.

As a digital media professional, it is my job to analyse which brands are making the best use of social campaigns. While talking about the buzzing smartphone brands, I can’t keep my eye away from Asus Zenfone2’s social media campaign –#Zenfone2NightWalkers.


This premium Asus Smartphone, in its own way offered a tribute to the city that never sleeps. Yes you heard it right! This is the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Always on the move, Mumbai is the lifeline of the nation. The busy beaches, crowded markets, sparkling skyscrapers, majestic monuments, local trains, heavy rains and Bollywood breaks – all epitomize the spirit of this interesting city.

Asus Zenfone2 gave over 150 Mumbai Instagrammers an incredible opportunity to see this dynamic city in the way what others can’t see. With the incredible gadget,#Zenfone2NightWalkers captured the city in the folds of the night creatively.

Intelligently, the smartphone’s amazing features like 13 MP Rear Camera, PixelMaster 2.0, 5P Largan Lenses gave the Mumbaikars a fresh way to look at Mumbai in the dark. It pulled out those who love this city and gave them opportunity to love it even more by capturing its lovely city life.

As a result, the happening instagrammers brought up a New Side To The City Of Dreams – That Glows In The Dark.

Every image captured on Zenfone2 in the wake of the night was brighter, and presented the subjects in the shots quite well. And why not! With its amazing bright light feature, the phone’s camera images turn out to be 400% brighter than original camera.

This is the reason why the winning shots of Victoria Terminus and Marine Drive can compete with the professional cameras in terms of quality.

Not just that, the panoramic views of highways were captured beautifully by many Mumbai lovers.

Full points to the social team of Asus Zenfone2 to bring its vibrant camera features into an exciting activity that defined the happening side of Mumbai’s nightlife.

This is just one campaign that captured my attention. There are many more happening Zenfone2 social campaigns and contests that certainly make Asus a social media savvy brand. Agree with me or not? Share your views with me.



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