#BloggerDreamTeam Style – Have Players Become More Fashion Conscious?

Cricket is a religion in India, and the team of cricketers are no less than god. They have massive fan following that comprises of young and old. Men, women and children – no one is untouched by the enigma of the cricketers. Every stroke they play, every catch they take, every sharp bowling delivery they make thrills the millions. Their attitude on field is a part of their style. But apart from their attitude on field, there is one more characteristic that earns the admiration for the players. It’s their on-field and off-field style that keep the fuels the interest of the fans, media and advertisers alike.

So when Virat Kohli says in an advertisement, “Autograph ka zamana gaya, ab photograph ka zamana hai”, he is indirectly referring to the fact that players have become more fashion conscious. Being stylish is not just a choice, but a necessity for such players who are under the scrutiny of camera clicks every moment. Such players have to follow the fashion conscious lifestyle wherever they go.  While playing at a pitch, at a gym, at a store launch, in an advertisement, players have to look their best.

This is the main reason why modern day cricketers are leaving no stone turned in grooming themselves.  So when you see Mahendra Singh Dhoni sporting a short trimmed hairstyle or Shikhar Dhawan’s royal moustache, you must know this is a way how celeb cricketers groom themselves. This is the demand of the modern times which requires cricketers to be prim and proper. For, they have to not just play cricket, but have also to participate in endorsement deals as well. The more, the merrier. So, it can be said cricketers’ fashion sense has evolved over the years to increase their value as an endorser.

Earlier, it was pure talent that earned cricketers the name, fame and fan following. Remember Kapil Dev showing his sparkling ‘Battisi’ in the shaving cream ads. Or Sachin Tendulkar endorsing a health drink as a secret to his energy. At that time, these players were seen as the symbols of masculinity, stamina and energy. Now, that era is outdriven by the necessity of good looks.

Only the handsome, talented and bankable players are enjoying crores of brand endorsement deals. Some cricketers already know this fact quite well and are leaving no stone turned in becoming a classy fashion brand themselves. Recently, the nation’s heartthrob Virat Kohli launched his fashion brand, WROGN that initiated a new trend of fashion conscious players.

Times have indeed changed, and so, we can easily say that players, besides performing on the ground also have to score good on the style front. And as a cricket lover, I think that’s the players are doing a great job of balancing the looks, style and talent in a single package.

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