Right around the neck

Keeping others in check

Or as a garland on the shoulders

Set in starch around the contours

The big cotton printed Dupatta

Sometimes wrapped around the round head

As a shield from blistering heat so red

Inside a temple or a sacred holy place,

Serving modesty in grace

Or in front of grown elders

It becomes a respect helder

The big cotton printed Dupatta

Sometimes its thin mesh

Wraps the face’s fair flesh

Like a bandit hiding her face

Escaping her from any trace

Sometimes on the shoulders it slings

And turns up like wide wings

Soaring in the cool breeze

And giving a free flowing crease

For a bride, it turns as a Veil

A perfect topping to the fairy feel

Lending exclusive elegance and grace

Making her feel the best of

Sometimes I wonder, why women so old and new

Wear no Dupattas nowadays

Looking so incomplete

Like a sun without rays

As if they forgot something

While rushing for things

Revealing their vulnerable self unfurled

Towards the wicked world

Attracting wrong eyeballs

Creating a stir or a brawl

Making herself feel so small

For giving some wrong signals

Though some women feel

Managing this 2.5 yard fabric is a stress

Some give the excuse that it covers their designer dress

For me, it is a great chance

To move, walk and run freely

To be the way I am

Carefree, colorful and chirpy

Like a bird with her wings

Soaring in the sky

Singing a song

Of freedom, colors and choice

Yes it is my Dupatta



Never in my life,

I got a chance to quiet my thoughts

Never in my life,

I got a chance to be with myself

Never had I given my mind

A chance to peacefully contemplate

Never had I allowed it to

Breathe in calming silence

But when I gave it sometime to calm down

Through peaceful meditation

It began to act like a mental bully

Engulfed me powerfully into conversations?

Why you need meditation?

You are strong enough to meditate?

Don’t calm your brain

If you soothe it, I will flood it with endless thoughts

When I defied its commands

It continued threatening me every moment,

It denied slowing down

The super fast thought express

It counterattacked me,

That I am brilliant enough

But my soul knew

It needed time to unwind

It needed moments of thoughtful calm

With constant dedication, I conquered the bullied thoughts

I conquered the dark demons within me

I silenced the bullied chatter

I felt peace with my existence

When I entered into the meditative state