I am not talking about a takeaway of your favourite pizza or burger that you enjoy to the core. I am trying to interpret the word as a larger part of life. What do we take away from life?  Is it money, wealth, relationships? Or there is more to what we derive from it.

We secure memories and cherish them for life. This can be one of the rich takeaways of life. Sometimes, even simple moments become special with surprises and remain with us for a lifetime. That is what can be termed as a takeaway.

Apart from the pleasant ones, there are some situations in a person’s life that are not so good to be remembered. Can they be termed a takeaway?

Personally, I think they are also a takeaway of life. We learn from such unwanted situations and make sure not to face any of such situations ever again. Such situations represent life’s practicality and teach us wherever we fall wrong.

So, even if you face conflicts or problems, happiness or gloom, remember that you are going to enjoy a takeaway of life, either in the form of a memory or a life’s lesson.

In my life of 28 years, I have had many of the takeaways, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Such instances nevertheless have made my life rich, developed my perspectives, helped me in understanding the world and provided me rich and unique material for writing.


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