Colour of Hunger

Last week, World Food Day was celebrated worldwide. Numerous social postings on the subject inspired me to imagine what if the world was hungry and had no food or grains to eat. How would be the reaction of this hungry world? To be more precise, what would be the colour of hunger?

After thinking for few minutes, I came up to a conclusion that colour of hunger is black. At least for me it is. I personally experience blackouts without food. I can’t imagine a situation where I am hungry for days and days. I need food, otherwise, I feel weak. If due to some limitations, I can’t eat, then food thoughts irritate me to the core. I think about food every moment, and wait for breaks to come, so that I can easily take a takeaway and eat aplenty.

This is applicable for those who can afford to buy food. But what about those who cannot buy food? Either they bear the plight of situation and reduce themselves to malnutrition. Or they resort to some other unwanted means to fulfill their hunger.

Here, the darkness of the hunger comes up where people enter the world of dark. The body starvation can even lead a person do all the dark deeds or commit a crime. Just for the sake of starving stomachs and its hollowness, we do just do anything to satisfy that hunger.

Have we become slaves to hunger that it can make us do anything in the world? To fulfill our appetites only, we do daily job and nurture our families. We bear the weights of monthly groceries. Just to secure ourselves that our families have enough food to eat.

And when we don’t have food, we sink into depression. A basic need, food is a part of our life that continues its role till we die. The importance of it has become as such where a three course meal is a part of our regular routines.

This has made most of us slaves to hunger. Whenever we feel hungry, we need to feed our hunger. Whatever, whenever it wants, it forces most of us to get food. That time, we are no different that animals. Just that they hunt food and we buy it. And if we can’t, we see the colour black, everywhere we see.


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