Can a Bumble Bee Fly?


The question was asked by my writing mentor, Mr. Ramesh Menon in his class for creative writing. We all looked at each other’s faces in disbelief, thinking there must be some motive behind this question. And then he showed a PowerPoint slide which said, “According to the principles of aerodynamics, a bumble bee cannot fly. It has small wings that are not designed to take off for flight.”

But all of us have seen it flying? Still all kept quiet in disbelief, waiting for Mr. Menon to elaborate this statement. He said, “If scientists are to be believed, a bumble bee can never fly. But it defies the science and its principles. And it flies. The same can go well with you as budding writers where you can also write and be successful in your motives.”

The example was unique and so was the message behind it. Keeping a firm belief in the same, I can, without any doubt say, “Yes, the bumble bee can fly. And so like a bumble bee, I can also channelize different energies, inspiration, ideas and translate them through my writing.”


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