I am not talking about a takeaway of your favourite pizza or burger that you enjoy to the core. I am trying to interpret the word as a larger part of life. What do we take away from life?  Is it money, wealth, relationships? Or there is more to what we derive from it.

We secure memories and cherish them for life. This can be one of the rich takeaways of life. Sometimes, even simple moments become special with surprises and remain with us for a lifetime. That is what can be termed as a takeaway.

Apart from the pleasant ones, there are some situations in a person’s life that are not so good to be remembered. Can they be termed a takeaway?

Personally, I think they are also a takeaway of life. We learn from such unwanted situations and make sure not to face any of such situations ever again. Such situations represent life’s practicality and teach us wherever we fall wrong.

So, even if you face conflicts or problems, happiness or gloom, remember that you are going to enjoy a takeaway of life, either in the form of a memory or a life’s lesson.

In my life of 28 years, I have had many of the takeaways, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Such instances nevertheless have made my life rich, developed my perspectives, helped me in understanding the world and provided me rich and unique material for writing.


Colour of Hunger

Last week, World Food Day was celebrated worldwide. Numerous social postings on the subject inspired me to imagine what if the world was hungry and had no food or grains to eat. How would be the reaction of this hungry world? To be more precise, what would be the colour of hunger?

After thinking for few minutes, I came up to a conclusion that colour of hunger is black. At least for me it is. I personally experience blackouts without food. I can’t imagine a situation where I am hungry for days and days. I need food, otherwise, I feel weak. If due to some limitations, I can’t eat, then food thoughts irritate me to the core. I think about food every moment, and wait for breaks to come, so that I can easily take a takeaway and eat aplenty.

This is applicable for those who can afford to buy food. But what about those who cannot buy food? Either they bear the plight of situation and reduce themselves to malnutrition. Or they resort to some other unwanted means to fulfill their hunger.

Here, the darkness of the hunger comes up where people enter the world of dark. The body starvation can even lead a person do all the dark deeds or commit a crime. Just for the sake of starving stomachs and its hollowness, we do just do anything to satisfy that hunger.

Have we become slaves to hunger that it can make us do anything in the world? To fulfill our appetites only, we do daily job and nurture our families. We bear the weights of monthly groceries. Just to secure ourselves that our families have enough food to eat.

And when we don’t have food, we sink into depression. A basic need, food is a part of our life that continues its role till we die. The importance of it has become as such where a three course meal is a part of our regular routines.

This has made most of us slaves to hunger. Whenever we feel hungry, we need to feed our hunger. Whatever, whenever it wants, it forces most of us to get food. That time, we are no different that animals. Just that they hunt food and we buy it. And if we can’t, we see the colour black, everywhere we see.

Prompted Writings – Historical Fiction

Kanika Sharma: Historical Fiction.

I wrote this story during the Duckbill Workshop on a writing prompt  -” A throws a ball at B. And B gets the throw wrong and as a result it crosses the wall. Continue from there”

Prince Kritya asked Karna, the minister’s son, to go with him on a mission to fetch back his beloved royal ball. Karna, who was afraid of climbing the wall covered with slimy tendrils of creepers came up with an excuse: ‘Rajkumar, I am not blessed with the mighty powers, courage and strength that you have. I haven’t even completed my archery lessons with Guru Bhasmacharya. I am an ordinary child with ordinary brains. But your highness, you are bestowed with exceptional powers that can come handy in fetching the ball.’

‘I know that Karna, but don’t you remember the orders of Maharaja Surajmal? He always insists that I shouldn’t be alone outside the Rajasi Mahal premises. Always under the continuous surveillance of a platoon of royal commanders, I feel like a tiger in a cage. I want to roar in the jungle, experience new adventures and find the goal of my life. And right now only you can help me complete the quest of bringing my royal ball back. Maharaja too trusts you, because you are his confidante’s son. It’s because of his trust in you that I get some freedom from royal surveillance when I play with you.’

‘But Rajkumar, I am not capable of climbing this wall full of creepers.’ Karna’s body trembled as he saw the wall, which looked to him like it was covered with snakes camouflaged in green, waiting to devour his soul with their hissing tongues. Please Rajkumar; let’s go back to our Rajmahal. We will get a better ball than this.’

‘No Karna, I will not go back to Rajasi Mahal without this ball, even if I have to climb a wall leading to the skies. I will not give up this chance to go on an adventurous quest.’

‘Rajkumar, because you want this, I will come with you, but if I feel scared at any point of time, please hold my hand. It will make me feel better.’

The prince started climbing the creepers first. In a few seconds, he reached close to the top of the wall. Though Karna had agreed to join this royal quest, he was still scared. With his eyes squeezed shut, he tried to reach out and hold the Prince’s hand. Kritya pulled Karna up and now they jumped down on the other side of the wall to find the royal ball.

Who Am I?

When Ideas sing a symphony,

Words quarrel on my fingers,

Quiet, though I am,

Bit more what I am.

I observe the obscure,

Interpret the obvious.

I love to listen,

And earwig at times.

Takes note

To make it thoughts

Expand them to stories

Admire the glories

Cherish every bit of life

Through my writing…

This is me.

A writer of affirmations.

I thought this was required to introduce my writing self on this online public platform. 🙂

The Best Prompts for Creative Writing

Originally, I wrote this article for EzineArticles. Thought it will be apt for Prompted Writings. Writing can be inspired by prompts, and I thought to write about inspiring prompts that trigger us to lift the pen and let it flow continuously. 🙂

Creative writing is one of the ultimate expressions that fill the colours of originality and imagination to a piece of work. This expressive medium makes you look at things with a different perspective and gives the ideas an appealing metaphorical dimension.

But the flow of imaginations and ideas don’t come easy to a writer. He has to keep the eyes, ears and senses receptive of the new experiences. Now, this is something that is not assured every time. Sometimes, he might feel stumped and blank in the dearth of ideas and stare at the blank monitors or plain sheet of paper with frustration. But a promising writer should not let this negativity overpower him; instead find out solutions to cure the writer’s block.

The prompts for creative writing come up as a saviour in such situation. As their name suggests, these ideas prompt and inspire the writer with a fresh lease of life and help him find the momentum while running the pen on the piece of paper.

Now, you must be curious to know what these prompts are and how do they look like? A prompt can be an idea or a situation that inspires you to pour your heart. It instills the desire to write and express wholeheartedly. It encourages writers like you to find the inner voice and communicate your emotions, perceptions and ideas in the most precise way.

Designed to stimulate your imagination, these prompts offer a perfect warm up exercise for mind and help you cure a writer’s block. Every writing workshop in the world deals with the writing block and suggests the sure shot solution of prompts. The basic idea behind them is to ‘keep it going’. Let any negative energy not hinder you from writing.

Some essential creative writing prompts include describing the first experiences of life. First experiences of the classroom, travelling, date, kiss, bike ride etc remain etched in our minds and memories. These provide great prompt material to get your creative juices flowing. These vivid memories also provide instant boost to write fictional stories or incidents in great detail.

The ‘what if’ set of prompts also inspire writers to shed their stumbled enthusiasm and makes them think out of the box. What if a beefed up chicken enters willingly in a butcher’s shop and asks him to slaughter his body is surely a fun incident to keep the pen flowing.

Writing about the festivals also acts as a great prompt material. There are endless memories and incidents associated with such festivals that allow us to write fresh observations that can surely act as a beginning to a new bestseller.

These best creative writing prompts pull the writers back to the flow of writing and regenerate their confidence in their craft. They even clear the roadblocks to writing by stimulating the mind to act upon such nurturing ideas. Just search the best creative writing prompt inspiring you and continue writing happily.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7369036

Can a Bumble Bee Fly?


The question was asked by my writing mentor, Mr. Ramesh Menon in his class for creative writing. We all looked at each other’s faces in disbelief, thinking there must be some motive behind this question. And then he showed a PowerPoint slide which said, “According to the principles of aerodynamics, a bumble bee cannot fly. It has small wings that are not designed to take off for flight.”

But all of us have seen it flying? Still all kept quiet in disbelief, waiting for Mr. Menon to elaborate this statement. He said, “If scientists are to be believed, a bumble bee can never fly. But it defies the science and its principles. And it flies. The same can go well with you as budding writers where you can also write and be successful in your motives.”

The example was unique and so was the message behind it. Keeping a firm belief in the same, I can, without any doubt say, “Yes, the bumble bee can fly. And so like a bumble bee, I can also channelize different energies, inspiration, ideas and translate them through my writing.”