Lift Our Brooms

I am not talking about Harry Potter’s broom stick that can make him fly and even help him win Quidditch match. I am talking about lakhs of brooms that are going to be lifted on October 2nd, 2014 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Government officials are called upon by their respective ministries to launch the cleanliness drive. It is also a great photographic opportunity for politicians broom sweeping the parks, roads and dirty areas. Even local communities are participating in the campaign by sweeping roads. But do you all think it’s going to be a great success. I doubt. Why? Because of national insensitivity towards the country.

Yesterday only, I saw a young chap who spat on the road. He unapologetically did so. And after that, he continued chatting over his headphones. This incident brought to mind two images. First, the politicians posing with a broomstick with a mission in mind for a neat and clean India, and the second one was really filthy where people throwing dirt and filth are doing their job. This sort of evoked a competition of thoughts in my mind. According to me, majority won. Ya, Indians who were spitting on roads, washing their cars on roads, peeing publically, and throwing their leftovers on road won.

As Indians, we are nurtured with a thought that our homes should be clean. It is a symbol of how clean and tidy we are. But do we follow the same standards while in a bus, metro or a train. Not really. We feel that we don’t own such essential daily commutes and leave our traces behind unapologetically.

Is there a solution for such national apathy? Do we need to adopt some serious laws? Or there must be something else that can be done to change such a stubborn mentality?

According to me, the campaigns should affect the person at the grass root level. The politicians or celebs should not hog the limelight but inspire the masses about cleanliness, civic sense and the serious implications. They should take the people from all streams of society for this cause. Obviously, India is all ours. We cannot blame it on somebody else. We have to lift our brooms to make it a movement.

To start with, housewives have to step out of their doors and start sweeping their adjacent streets and corners. If all of us learn from them and embrace this practice, then clean India is not too far away. Otherwise, we dearly love dirt around us.


Kerala is Yours…

Kerala is yours…

While you observe the rush of waves and tides,

While you surrender to the therapies of Ayurveda

While you beat the tick-tocks of time on a backwater cruise

While you search for rare Neelkurinji flower or Nilgiri Tahr

While you trek through the mist covered green mountains

While you roam through the tropical forests

While you seek escape with the wafts of spice cultivation

While the herd of elephants pass-by you

While you indulge on to the grand feast of Sadya Or Coastal Curries

While you see in amazement the ancient cultural art forms

While you pray in the world’s richest temple

While you discover the cleanest and evergreen cities of India

While you revel at the receptive hospitality of Kerala

While you gasp at so much to offer…

Kerala is all yours…